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Ground Agents



This sector aims at the training of the hotel receptionists having for mission to assure the welcome of the customers, to execute the tasks and the activities of counter of reception.
The desk clerk must be capable assure the invoicing of the operations of box (cash desk) and to assure the management of the schedule of reservation.

Organization of the training :

  • Reservation, welcome, reception
  • Techniques of animation,
  • Technology of floors and lingerie
  • Banister
  • Invoicing and collection
  • Hotel Exploitation
  • Human resources management
  • History of civilization
  • Foreign languages
  • Commercial Marketing
  • Sales




Required qualities:

  • General knowledge
  • Good linguistic level
  • Good Presentation

School level:

  • Level high school diploma
  • High school diploma or Amount

Criteria of Physical appearance:

  • 1,60 m 1,68 m (Girls)
  • 1,70 m – 1,86 m (Boys)
  • Weight in proportion with tall
  • No visible marks
  • No problems of health
  • Know how to swim


  • 4 Copies certified by the High school diploma or school certificate
  • 4 Copies certified of the national ID card
  • 8 Identity photos
  • 2 Copies of the passport legalized
  • 4 Birth certificates
  • 10 Stamps


The CFPNC groupe proposes several sessions every year

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