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Private Pilot Training: PPL

From 17 years old (by the day of the exam to obtain the license).

The private pilot license allows passengers to travel and take away without remuneration without distance limitation.

The Private Pilot License (PPL) allows flying in visual meteorological conditions (VMC): it is said that the flight is “VFR” (Visual Flight Rules). To fly in weather conditions (Instrumental Meteorological Conditions, IMC) the pilot must have the instrument rating called “IR” (Instrument Rating), the aircraft must also be classified IR.

The conditions of obtaining are:

– Have a medical examination with a doctor
– Successfully complete the theoretical and practical examinations prescribed by decrees
– Have completed at least 45 hours of flight.
– Totalize at least 25 hours of dual flight and at least 10 hours of supervised solo flight.

Application documents:

8 identity photos
Registration form duly completed
CNIE photocopy or passport (if in possession)
Photocopy diploma or certificates
2 birth certificate extracts
Copy of the baccalaureate and attestation (Faculty or others)
Anthropometric record (criminal record)
About 4 Months

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