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Line Pilot: ATPL Preparation

“Flight, rotation, take-off, positive variation, landing gear on entry …”This checklist is well known to all those who once made this dream of Icarus: to become an airline pilot. Those who already see themselves in the clouds will have to hang on to gain access to this job.

Piloting an airplane requires many years of study, a lot of training and an iron health. The pilot must keep his cool, despite the stress and fatigue of the time differences. Medical examinations mark out his career. Small natures abstain.

Prepare the flight plan
Before departure, the pilot carefully prepares the flight plan taking into account the weather, the trip and its particularities or difficulties … Depending on the weight of the aircraft and the destination, it calculates the minimum fuel quantity to take away . Aided by the co-pilot, he prepares the navigation instruments and enters the data into the flight computer. When everything is ready, place the ultimate recap, aloud, safety instructions. The captain then requests permission to take off at the control tower.
Driving and keeping in touch

Formation Pilote de Ligne au Maroc

Formation Pilote de Ligne au Maroc

Throughout the flight, in the cockpit, the pilot monitors all the parameters on the dashboard (direction, altitude, weather, fuel consumption …) and maintains a permanent link with the control tower. It reacts immediately in case of problems.
Ensure safety on board

All commercial flights are under the responsibility of a technical crew (crew) including pilots (technical flight crew – PNT) and commercial navigators (hostesses and stewards – PNC). The airline pilot must first and foremost ensure the safety of the passengers