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IATC Academy : International Aero Training Center



The purpose of IATC ACADEMY is pilot training. Its private status gives him a role and prominence among operators secteur.We participate in safety training future airline pilots, training instructors.




Our strategy becomes clear :

Being a leader in our core business , flight training , but in trades that competitor to the safety of this activity, such as aircraft maintenance .
Being in the service of the state , institutions , manufacturers and airlines by providing the tool they need for safety and airlifted to its development.
Be an aid to export know-how in his profession , participating with others in training pilots for airlines in different countries.



Train airline pilots tomorrow

IATC Academy provides theoretical and practical training of students in an integrated accordance with international aeronautical standards ATPL program.
IATC Academy also delivers qualifications on aircraft type and B737 A320


Train pilots to foreign airlines :

We can train ab-initio pilots for airlines , according to an ICAO program or following a suitable program . These customers benefit from our experience in the training of pilots.



Instructors training

Training flight instructors (FI) participates in the mission of the state security by establishing a baseline for training and security. These instructors then engaged in flying clubs and schools private pilot training . Moreover, IATC Academy as instructors class rating (CRI) and type rating (IRR) for airlines.



Provide training aircraft

Aircraft IATC Academy are used by engineers Moroccan authorities to maintain their skills , to develop and produce leu professional mission.



IATC Academy has a maintenance facility approved by the Moroccan civil aviation under No. CN -MA 35/12 and has approvals for the following aircraft types :


TECNAM P2002/P2006

KING AIR 300/200/90




» Formation : ATPL (A) integrated training
IATC Academy Maintenance: Aéroport de Benslimane Hangar n°10 – Benslimane
Tél : +212(0)667 798 964
Fax : +212(0)523 298 579
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