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Stewardess / Steward

The stewardess and steward greet and place the passengers in an airplane, and ensure the safety and smooth running of the flight. During the flight, they serve the travelers, inform them and watch at all times their comfort


Description of tasks / working conditions

The stops are often short, so take the opportunity to rest. It is on top of their physical and mental fitness that flight crews must re-enter the aircraft to check safety equipment, food supply, manage the stocks of products sold on board, then ensure the comfort of passengers, serve meals, make duty-free sales and intervene in case of first aid.
It will be understood, a very good physical and nervous resistance more than a supermodel physique – even if it is welcome! – are indispensable for these functions. Besides these qualities, elocution, presentation, courtesy, sense of service, contact, sense of responsibility are also necessary, not to mention the practice of one or more foreign languages.

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Practical training in near real-life with the necessary equipment:
Airplane simulator, toboggan, fire extinction, cabin smoke, towing, freestyle,
lifeboats, resuscitation on mannequin …



Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and Bachelor’s degree or higher
Age between 18 and 27 years
Have a general level of English and French to interact and use documents without any particular difficulty
Physical criteria: 1.60 m to 1.78 m for girls / 1.70 m to 1.86 m for boys
Weight in proportion with the size
No visible mark
Know how to swim
CEMPN medical visit
Selection interview (before registration at CFPNC Group)



3 Identity Photos
Registration form duly completed
4 CNIE photocopies legalized + 2 passport copies (if in possession)
3 birth certificate extracts
3 Copies of the degree, certificates or diplomas (if in possession)