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CPL or Commercial Pilot License


CPL or Commercial Pilot License

One of the practical parts of the line pilot training. However, there is a theoretical version of the CPL (which you do not need to pass if you have your ATPL).

You can pass your CPL without ATPL, it will require that you pass the CPL theory before practice. However, if you are considering a career in aeronautics, opt for the passage directly from the ATPL which will act as CPL theory.

The CPL is one of several modules and has a test in the form of a practical CPL which includes 140 hours of flight of which can be made on the FNPT II simulator.

You will have to take your practical part within ATPL theoretical exam.


Exercise all the privileges of the License Private Pilot Airplane for remuneration
Fulfill the pilot-in-command function on any airplane not operated by public air transport.
Complete the function of Pilot Commander on any aircraft operated by public air passenger Passenger whose minimum certified driving crew is of a single pilot,
Exercise the function of co-pilot on public air transport aircraft,

Scientific or technical baccalaureate
Age 18 years old
Have a general level of English and French to interact and use the documents without any particular difficulty.
Medical fitness class I (see IATC Academy)
Candidates must be recognized as fit to complete the training following selection tests and a flight simulator aptitude test (see annex) before the final agreement for registration.

8 identity photos
Registration form duly completed
CNIE photocopy or passport (if in possession)
Photocopy diploma or certificates
2 birth certificate extracts
Copy of the baccalaureate and attestation (Faculty or others)
Anthropometric record (criminal record)

About 5 to 7 weeks

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