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Css Formation (safety certificate and Rescue)

CSS or BFS Senegal, is an official certificate issued by the DCA (Department of Civil Aviation) . It is required to practice as an air hostess / steward in Moroccan companies. It requires a set of theoretical and necessary to the exercise of the function practices. It is obtained in two steps.


The theory test is in the form of two tests of multiple choice test called Safety and Rescue includes 40 questions that cover only a number of aeronautical knowledge such as regulation, aviation security , meteorology, instructions general flying , general safety emergency , general and specific equipment , preparation for the forced landing , evacuation on land and at sea , survival and other …
Trial of aid lasts 30 minutes to 20 questions that focus on the anatomy and physiology of the human body , the aviation industry and the reactions of the body ( the effects of altitude ) , infectious and tropical diseases, and first aid on board in all its forms : bandage, recognition of symptoms of the common stomach ache peritonitis , and the practice of artificial resuscitation and delivery …

Both parties Safety and Lifeguard require recognition of all equipment and materials on board with the expiry date and its uses , resuscitation is practiced on a mannequin , bandages and capital , swimming and extinguishing the fire .

Centres CFPNC group are first recognized organizations in Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal to the CSS and BFS and recognized by the authorities of the Moroccan , Tunisian and Senegalese civil aviation training.