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Commercial Training And On Board Service

The Commercial Training or Coaching Centre accomodate and place the passengers on board a plane, before making sure of the safety and the good course of the flight. During the flight, they serve the travellers, at any moment inform them and take care of their comfort.

Job analysis/working conditions

“Commercial Training or Coaching Centre” means any institute or establishment providing commercial training or coaching for imparting skill or knowledge or lessons on any subject or field other than the sports, with or without issuance of a certificate and includes coaching or tutorial classes but does not include preschool coaching and training centre or any institute or establishment which issues any certificate or diploma or degree or any educational qualification recognised by law for the time being in force;

Organization of the training :

  • Technical English and genera
  • Air Regulation
  • Safety and Aeronautical Rescue
  • First aid
  • Qualification Machine
  • Function PNC

Commercial Training

  • Restauration and services on board
  • Communication
  • Humans Factors
  • History of civilisations
  • Touristic Geography
  • Commercial English
  • Ticketing – Psychology

Hands-on training in real with the equipment necessary: Simulator plane, toboggan, extinction of fire, cabin in smoke, towing, lifeboats, reanimation…


Required qualities:

  • General knowledge
  • Good linguistic level
  • Good Presentation

School level:

  • Level high school diploma
  • High school diploma or Amount

Criteria of Physical appearance:

  • 1,60 m 1,68 m (Girls)
  • 1,70 m – 1,86 m (Boys)
  • Weight in proportion with tall
  • No visible marks
  • No problems of health
  • Know how to swim


  • 4 Copies certified by the High school diploma or school certificate
  • 4 Copies certified of the national ID card
  • 8 Identity photos
  • 2 Copies of the passport legalized
  • 4 Birth certificates
  • 10 Stamps

The CFPNC groupe proposes several sessions every year


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